The magical words you love hearing after your child is born is “You have a healthy baby girl, 10 fingers, 10 toes.” Life is great, everything we dreamed was coming true.

The worst words you fear to hear are “Your Child is sick.” The words we never dreamt we would ever hear are “Your Child has Cancer.”

Faith showed very little signs of being ill, with the exception of a reoccurring fever but we thought that was normal for any child to pick up at day care. It wasn’t until we noticed a lump in her tummy area that the concern grew. Faith was diagnosed at 18 months old with Hepatoblastoma and right away she started her treatment protocol. She had started chemo weekly for 8 months and had numerous operations to get rid of this horrible disease. Our lives were changed that day and we knew they would never be the same.

While Faith was sick, I had to quit my job to be with her. Dave worked nights so he didn’t miss any treatments and procedures. We were told that just because your life has stopped doesn’t mean the bills would. Childcan helped us with parking passes as a day at the hospital could cost us $10.00. We were given food vouchers to help us as well. They offered Coffee Talk so we could feel just a little bit normal, even if it was only for just an hour.

Childcan did not only help us with support, they also helped us be a Family. They helped take some of the financial burden off our shoulders.

As we look back on our journey, the one thing that was tearing us apart is now holding us together!!

The journey for us will never be over and it is comforting to know we have a great support with Childcan.

When Faith said she wanted to do this walk we knew that Childcan and all the families that have to take this life long journey could use all the support that Faith’s Footsteps could give.

I recently read,

“Cancer for Children is a lifelong diagnosis. First they have to survive cancer treatments, then they have to survive the lifetime of late-effects these treatments gave them. Cures come with a cost