What is Childcan?

In 1974, a need and a late night conversation began a proud history of support that continues today.

Founders, parent David Cohen and Dr. L.L. Barrie de Vebber, Immunologist/ Oncologist, knew first-hand the challenges and hardships facing families when children are diagnosed with cancer. They knew there was a greater need for these parents and children: financial, emotional, and social economic support and resources, no matter what their outcome!

September 2013 marked the 39th year for Childcan, The Childhood Cancer Research Association Inc., a community based charitable organization with a proud history of pioneering and support for children and families living with childhood cancer.

Childcan’s vision is to ensure that families faced with childhood cancer will receive support services to ease their pain. It’s core values are:

Compassion, Respect, Responsiveness, Family Centred, Flexible, Trustworthy

It’s mission is to raises funds to provide responsive and compassionate support services to these families as they journey through childhood cancer – from diagnosis, treatment, recovery, or bereavement.

Childcan provides:

  • Newly diagnosed family pack: gift cards, resources and a special quilt and pillow case for each child
  • Parking support programs in London, Windsor, Kitchener and Toronto
  • Family meal voucher program while your child is in the hospital
  • Special holiday meals for inpatient families who can’t be home for the holidays
  • Individual family assistance program to help with the most urgent financial needs for families
  • Support groups: weekly coffee time, inpatient London, monthly for London, Sarnia & Windsor
  • Family fun days: holiday parties, annual trip to Canada’s Wonderland
  • Optimist Clubs of London Super Star Award to celebrate the end of treatment
  • Post secondary bursaries awarded annually for childhood cancer survivors
  • Virtual high school online learning bursaries
  • Palliative support program
  • Research

It is due to Faith and her families experience with both childhood cancer and the response from Childcan, that Faith’s Footsteps began. Childcan has been there for Faith and her family then and now. Faith wants to return the favour and knows that she will play a part in helping others in need experience the benefits that Childcan provides.